Black Hat Villain release first single, “Happy Face” from upcoming “Elephant In The Room” ep…

Hey guys! Guys? Oh, hi guys. Here’s a killer BHV update;

If things have seemed quiet in the last little bit, we super-duper, thumbs up, #1 apologize. We’ve been busy the last couple months, putting the finishing touches on our “Elephant In The Room” ep & we’re mildly ecstatic to announce that it’s done!

Now that the recording is ready, here’s how things are going to go down; 5 songs, 5 Villains, 5 weeks. The ep contains 5 songs & there’s 5 Villains, so every Thursday for the next 5 weeks, a different Villain will be releasing a video introducing the new tune. Once the song is released, it will be available for download for THAT WEEK ONLY, then we tear it down & replace it with the new tune. Get it? This will give you time to get familiar with the ep, because at the end of the 5 weeks, IT’S SHOW TIME!!! No, literally. As in, we’ll be playing some shows. We’re in the process of confirming the dates & we’ll let you know as soon as they’re finalized.

So enough about the “me, Me, ME!”, wanna hear the first single, “Happy Face”? No? Well here’s a link to Ashley’s introduction video in case you change your mind;

Black Hat Villain-Happy Face

It would be A-1, high-five if you could share this link, we’d be eternally grateful.

Until next week, bye!


Member changes, studio time & the future of BHV….

Hey all, pretty quiet around here as of late, yeah? Well please don’t mistake the silence for inactivity, BHV has been doing some “renos” & “planning” & we were just “waiting” for the dust to settle before spilling the “beans”;


After many, many, many, many years, we are parting ways with long-time drummer Tim Sweeting. Tim has been a key part of this band since its inception & his invaluable contributions have helped make the band what it is today. For this, we thank Tim & wish him all the best in any future endeavours he may choose to embark upon.


With fervent enthusiasm & boundless energy, Ryan Rae swooped into the picture like a gilded, ginger angel, professing an undying commitment to the Black Hat Nation! He also brought a nice drum-set, so we asked him to fill the vacant skin pounder position. This request made him weep openly & he accepted whole-heartedly. (You may remember Ryan from such places as; the drummer for Armchair Cynics & also as having a brief but impressionable stint as drummer for Black Hat Villain. Ryan reprises his role in BHV without missing a beat. Pun intended!) We’re stoked to have him back & welcome his positive, infectious attitude!


In other news, things in the BHV funhouse are moving along at a furious pace, a blur really. We’ve got a whole bunch of new tunes, killer ones this time & we’ve booked studio time for early September with Adam Sutherland. Keep your ears peeled, you never know when an aural tidbit may surface!


In closing, we’d like to state, “We couldn’t be happier & more confident with the member changes, the direction the new material is headed & the future of Black Hat Villain/Nation! We’re glad to have you along for the ride!”




Hello Nation, you look lovely! Then again, you always do!

Ok, enough flirting, geez! So, we’ve got a MAJOR announcement for you & we hope to have news for you by the end of the month! PSYCH! (remember that word? It’s pronounced “syke” & it means, “I just F’d with you psychologically). In any case, here’s the announcement;

Please welcome the new Black Hat Villain front-woman (that’s right, woman) ASHLEY NOVEMBER!!!

She’s got awesome vocals, an awesomer attitude & is the perfect fit for the awesomest band in the world! (Ummm, Black Hat Villain, duh!) We’re so unbelievably stoked to have Ashley join BHV, you have no idea! We had the opportunity to play live with Ashley last week in Vancouver & the response was phenomenal! While there, we also had a killer photo shoot with the ultra-talented Whitney Bragagnolo & we’re soooo impressed with the results! Check it out up top, yeah?

We’re slowly updating all our sites/pics etc. & hope to have some sneak peeks of new tunes with Ashley in the next week or so, so please bear with us!

That’s it for now guys, we’re super excited to continue on our quest for world domination & couldn’t be happier with Ashley at the helm!